Welcome to Apiens!

Welcome to Apiens!

First of all, we want to thank you for being here and reading this! It really means a lot. Like, a humongous lot.

Today is April 16th, 2020. The world is going through a pretty crazy pandemic situation caused by COVID-19, a type of coronavirus. Half of the world is going through a stay-at-home quarantine, and things are changing. Uncertainty is prevalent all over, the global economy is looking grim and people are pulling their hairs out because of the lockdown. But, as with everything in life, there's positivity within the weirdness.

The slowing of the global market has resulted in positive environmental outcomes. There's considerably less pollution all over the planet, animals are returning to places they had abandoned long ago, and there's a feeling of change within our civilization and societies. Now, it is in our hands to guide this change towards growth and improvement. That's what Apiens is here for.

This brand was born as an entertainment company at first, looking to produce content that focuses on sustainability, both for Humanity and for Nature, content through which we aim to inspire people, inform about good stuff, and show that we have more power than we believe, the power to change and evolve. This hasn't changed, but the scope has grown massively.

This website, alongside our marketplace, is the first step towards creating business models that bridge the gaps between human development and environmental health. We aim to become an organization that changes things for the better, big time.

At this point we're very far from reaching those goals. We're starting out with little money and resources, so we're not currently able to execute upon our objective of being your pet's, your plants' and your favorite brand. We'll work hard to build that. But we must be pragmatic. In order to change things for the better, we need to make the best out of our situation.

We're starting this marketplace by selling T-shirts. They're made from 100% organic cotton, grown through processes that reduce its environmental impact, and recycled poly rPET blend, which saves at least 4 plastic bottles from ending up in our oceans. We're pledging at least 1% of our sales towards environmental and humanitarian causes. 1% may seem like nothing, but remember, we're still figuring this whole business thing out, so please bear with us.

Click on the shirt to check them out:

The world is in need of more sustainable thinking. Many of us waste too much time dwelling instead of doing. Too much time looking at others build their dreams, instead of believing in ourselves and getting stuff done. Fulfillment is found inside, and only if we pay attention.

We propose a radically different approach, that of "being Apiens". This means being present, thinking about our place in this absurdly cool Universe, and walking the paths we set for ourselves, not the ones others would force on us. This is human sustainability.

Doing this reveals the powerful connection we share with all life on this planet, and, if our rockets work out, on the ones to come. We are all made from starstuff. Every atom that forms our bodies, the air we breathe and the plants that produce it, the life forms we call our friends and the ones that feed us, all of it, came from the birth and death of stars, united by gravity and ultimately becoming everything we experience, feel, see, and think today. Pretty deep.

Billions of years of evolution, innumerable species fighting against the odds to survive and keep life going, and the beautiful balance of existence on a floating rock in space. Hard to believe. But one thing we easily believe in, is that we're walking on the shoulders of giants. Just think about the amount of living beings that had to live and have babies for us to exist today. Like, many. 

We now hold the baton for all life on this planet. It is our responsibility to not only repair what has been damaged, but to make sure that the human civilization and the natural world live happily forever.

Thank you so much for being part of this journey with us!

Let's be good, wise and strong apes.


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