Sustainability: the Apiens Perspective

Sustainability: the Apiens Perspective

The Apiens Way Towards Sustainability

Let's imagine together! Let's imagine a world in which the activities of the human civilization are not only in balance with the natural world, but they are helping it, empowering it, and making it grow. A world where pollution is no longer an issue, where everyone can breathe clean air, and where climate catastrophes are mostly a thing of the past. The days of flooded cities, humongous hurricanes, and terrible droughts are long gone.

Wildlife has completely recovered, biodiversity in increasing for the first time in a century and the extinction of species caused by human impact has ended. Cities embellished by vertical forests, with buildings replete of trees, flowers and birds. Buildings that even host farms that produce the vegetables and fruits that sustain the awesome humans that live within.

The struggle for resources now exists only in memories, stories we tell our grandchildren, whose eyes shine with amazement and disbelief. They ask us, "Grandma, did you really have to drive a car that burned dead dinosaurs to move?!" or "People didn't use technology to transform their pee and poo into drinking water and compost?!" (yeah, this is a thing, check Bill Gate's work on this). And we will answer them: "Yes little ape, that's how things were. But we changed it, we evolved, we fixed the problems."

This is the future we want to help build at Apiens. We want to create solutions to problems that seem way too big to tackle, that might even sound impossible. But the truth is that we, the human race, are the ones who determine what is possible. By testing the limits of our capabilities, we've been able to execute upon ideas that were once accepted as "impossible". Flying machines? Impossible. Talking to people thousands of miles apart? Impossible. Launching rockets to Mars? Impossible.

Solve climate crisis? Possible. Make human consumption sustainable? Possible. Increase opportunities for all humanity? Possible.

It is a matter of vision, belief, determination, focus, work, and growth. We believe that by empowering people to become their best selves, promoting and incentivizing conscious behaviors, and by providing better ways to consume goods and media we will generate both human and environmental sustainability. What do we mean by this? Take a look:

Human Sustainability

The human mind is a thing of awe. It is the most wonderful and impressive creation that exists in our Solar System, at the very least. Millions of years of evolution, struggle and survival shaped our brains, the magical and biological supercomputers that allow us to think, perceive, feel, and most importantly, create! Nevertheless, it is also deeply flawed.

This marvel of natural engineering is what has allowed us to adapt to change, to survive, and to thrive. At the same time, considering the current state of the world, it can also become an obstacle if we do not make an effort to tame it. Strong and once very effective emotions, such as fear and anger, are no longer needed in the same ways our ancestors needed them. Fear led to survival. We were afraid of the dark, of massive sabertooth cats that easily devoured us, and of each other, which made us run, hide and protect ourselves. Anger helped us stand our ground. Anger towards competing humans led us to protect our own, to establish and safeguard our tribes, to control our environment as best as we could.

Now, there's not as much need for these emotions. Most of humanity is no longer worried about being eaten by wild animals, about defending our tribes from aggressive enemies. Therefore, we are now challenged to control these emotions, to tame the monkey mind that tells us imaginary stories about ourselves and others, to embrace fear and believe in our capabilities, in our future. Through this path of personal growth we can learn to change our mentalities and our behaviors. It allows us to take command of the rocketship and to believe in our inherent potential. This is how we discover who we really are and what we truly want, leading us to work and execute upon our dreams, creating the impact we aim to have on the world.

That is what Human Sustainability means at Apiens. Taking control. Focusing on creation. Managing our energy and our time. Directing our attention towards what really matters. Asking ourselves the right questions. Understanding who we are.

What do I really want? Why am I behaving this way? Am I directing my attention towards constructing my dreams? Asking and answering these questions guides us into discovery. It is hard, it takes time and effort, and we probably won't like the answers. But it is, without any doubt, the way towards growth!

Empowered, motivated, and productive humans are conscious and aware of themselves and their surroundings, they control the direction of their attention, and limit the impact the outside has on their minds. They focus on strengthening positive behaviors and face reality head-on. They are managers of their devices and technologies, instead of the other way around. They are compassionate and understanding towards themselves and others.

Sustainable humans create a sustainable society. They transform their individual power and potential into good for everyone, especially themselves. And sustainable humans are the key players in the creation of a prospering environment. Through our actions, our choices, and our behaviors, we build spaces, frameworks and ideas that promote and strengthen our planet's biosphere. Which leads us to the next point:

Environmental Sustainability

We are currently living through the best times in all human history. Average life expectancy worldwide has more than doubled since 1900. There's less violence and less war throughout the world. Illnesses that once killed humans by the millions have now been eradicated. Technological progress has connected and improved the world in ways we couldn't even imagine. Things are, without a doubt, objectively better than ever. But our civilization is still lacking on many realms, especially with regards to our surroundings, to the earth we walk upon, to the beings that share the world with us. We are lacking balance.

Since the start of the Industrial Revolution, humankind has grown and developed exponentially. We've conquered the world. Worldwide society is, at the very least, incredibly impressive. Our development as a species, as a civilization became the absolute priority, and rightly so. But we've become too self-centered. The natural balance that holds our planet together has been deeply affected, and we're just starting to experience the consequences.

Now we are being faced with a turning point in our history. The natural world has been damaged by our activities. Technology is growing unfathomably fast, changing our lives every single year. Climate change is here, technology and AI are parts of us now. This leads us into asking a couple of questions: can we keep doing things as we have for the past hundred years? Can we sustain our current behaviors and way of living?

Perhaps. Perhaps we can. But is that the future we really want? Will we leave aside everything but ourselves? Will we keep growing as a civilization while life is going extinct? Will we abandon the ecosystems that fuel the planet's food chain, that feed us, that allow us to breathe? We don't think so.

We are convinced that humanity knows better. We are convinced that we can grow and develop sustainably, which will in turn strengthen our magnificent environment. 

At Apiens, human growth and development has absolute correlation with environmental protection and strengthening. We are here to create and promote the balance all life on the planet needs. By modifying our consumption habits, our behaviors, and our tastes, we are bound to power up sustainability all around. Environmental sustainability is not an alternative, it is the norm.

By bridging the gap between our development and the protection of the environment, we will be able to fix what must be fixed and to grow like never before. There is so much abundance in the world. Lack of resources is no longer a problem, but managing resources certainly is. There's food for everyone, there's space for everyone. We are no longer in a rat race for infinite profits. It is time for a shift in perspectives.


We believe that the future of humanity lies in the pursuit of growth, understanding, and mindfulness. By embracing our potential and becoming our best selves, we will escape the worthless constructs and illusions that plague our civilization. We will realize that we can do everything that we set ourselves to do, and that there is no need to irresponsibly exploit people or to annihilate the natural world.

This is the Apiens vision of the future.

We are enormously grateful to share this path with you. Together, we can change the world for the better. It is our responsibility, it is our legacy.

If you share our purpose and would like to grow alongside us, please consider supporting us by purchasing our sustainable products! Our profits will be reinvested, among other things, towards the expansion of our sustainable product catalog, allowing us to offer you a more conscious and environmentally friendly source of goods and media.


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